Vello the Versatile Creator

Multitalented, expressive, and creative are the words that encapsulate this creator’s personality.  

Velton ‘Vello’ Gooden Jr. currently holds the position of Social Content and Community Creator at Yello Media Group Jamaica. 


Vello describes himself as a multimedia content creator, some would say he’s versatile.  He does not conform to creating one specific type of content; therefore, he produces graphics, videos, written expressions, musical/audio pieces, and occasionally dabbles in photography. 




During his kindergarten days, Velton discovered his dream of becoming an animator. This inspiration sparked from watching a behind the scenes featurette of the animated movie Madagascar (2005) that was included in the DVD. Through this, he discovered the technical and creative process behind producing an animated film. 


“I was just amazed and from that day I willed to myself that I wanted to become an animator. Up until 5th form, I was adamant that I would go to one of the world’s premiere animation schools,” – Velton


His aspirations were halted after leaving high school when he began pursuing Marketing. However, he still hopes to delve into the world of animation one day. 


It is safe to say that YouTube was the driver that brought Vello to the world of content creation. It was always his dream to create content like some of the YouTubers he admired growing up.

Expressing ideas in a way that intrigues people is something that Velton finds pleasure in, and he also admires the idea of telling a story through his creative expressions. 


Writing! This is also one of Velton’s strengths. Through his writing talent, he was able to cop several awards from various essay, short story, and poetry competitions when he attended Wolmer’s Boys’ School.


Velton receives 4th Place Award for Monica Sterling Essay Competition (2019)


As life progressed, the versatile creator ventured into videography, where he worked on a short film project while attending iCreate Institute entitled “The Holdup”. To date, he considers this one of his greatest accomplishments. 

Let’s check it out! ⤵︎


Though he can produce content in many forms, Vello regards voice-over content, video editing and creative writing as his strongest areas. 


During a quick chat with Velton, he mentioned that working at Yello provided the exposure which enabled him to produce content for some local brands. 

“I got the chance to do a voice-over project with Jamaica Tourist Board and I was very grateful for that opportunity,” – Velton  


One fun fact about Vello: He is the youngest team member at Yello Media Group.

(P.S. He also produces lyrical content which can be found on YouTube @VelloVerse).


To keep up with Vello, feel free to follow him on his socials @veltongoodenjr (linked below).

You can also check out his portfolio here.



Author | Ashagaye Mullings

Ashagaye is a Media Practitioner, who is competent in writing, content creation, and marketing. Check out her Instagram here.

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