The Strategic Creator 

Chad Charles Luchey is fresh on the content creator scene and is already making great strides and connections with some of Jamaica’s most recognised influencers.  

Meet this Jamaican vlogger who describes himself as a focused and goal-oriented creator. 

         Chad in vacay mode.

Fun Facts 

It is safe to say that he is a shoe fanatic. In a quick chat with Chad, he revealed that he has a collection of approximately 50 pairs of shoes. Some would say he might be obsessed. As a photography enthusiast, Chad started his photography business when he was 15, which he operated for three years. With the spread of COVID-19, he decided to close this venture and take a step into the world of content creation. 

The influencer economy has skyrocketed to a whole new level since the pandemic. Researchers have revealed that social media usage increased overall by 78% among surveyed millennials and Gen Z during the pandemic, and baby boomers also increased the amount of time they spend on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. (The Brussels Times, 2022) 

The pandemic provided the opportunity for individuals to delve into their passion points and to be a source of entertainment in many homes. 

After Chad erased his childhood aspiration of becoming a lawyer, he started to create content amid the pandemic. For him, creating content was a way of occupying his time during the lockdown. 

I started creating content because I wanted something productive to do while in quarantine. I wanted to be able to look back on the two years that we were stuck at home and have something to show for it.” Chad shared. 

He always dreamed of becoming a content creator but never knew exactly when he would produce his first content piece or in what capacity.  

Post-COVID, Chad’s reason for creating content has made a turn. His aim as a creator is to produce the type of content that will put a smile on his viewers’ faces after a long day while they unwind. 

In August of this year, Chad celebrated two years of being a YouTuber. Currently, he has over forty-three thousand subscribers. He mentioned that there has been difficult days, especially trying to create that balance between his personal and creative life. 

“When you love what you do you never work a day in your life. This quote comes into play so many times in my life.” he shared. 


Chill moment with Chad.

His Creative Process 

As a YouTuber, Chad ensures that he’s ahead of the game. He carefully studies and keeps abreast of what is happening in the creative space. Chad indicated that it’s pointless to create against the current video trends and aesthetics. When crafting concepts, he would normally string together the ideas that he thinks are unique and hilarious and then consult his team for feedback 

He explained that “apart from the trends, I’m always looking for the most out-the-box ideas I  think can fit in a 15-30 minute video for everyone’s enjoyment. 


Bits of Advice 

Chad is encouraging creators to keep on producing content despite their views and circumstance 

He offered this piece of advice, “Your time will come, create like you already have the audience you think you deserve. 

In 2021, Chad made a bold step in the merchandising industry where he produced his first line of “Luchey Gang” T-shirts. 

I originally did my first merch drop in December of 2021 where I sold 200 exclusive shirts for my winter 2021 drop, and I have followed suit for my summer 2022 drop by doing 200 shirts.” Chad explained. 

Chad rocking one of his Luchey Gang T-shirts.

The YouTuber promises his audience expansion in every direction and many surprises to come. His goal is to tap into the homes of new viewers.  

To keep up with Chad, follow him on all socials (linked below). 

Author | Ashagaye Mullings

Ashagaye is a Media Practitioner, who is competent in writing, content creation, and marketing. Check out her Instagram here.


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