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Sheryl Robinson

At Yello, we work with a diverse group of talented individuals that spans over 20 territories across Central America, Europe, and the Caribbean. For this week’s feature, we’re spotlighting  Sheryl Robinson, our Regional Operations & Graphics Services Manager.  

Sheryl is a positive person who enjoys seeing and experiencing new things. In her personal time, she indulges in fishing, gardening, reading, and travelling.  

As a teen, Sheryl was always drawing on paper until she later developed a love for computers. Drawing on the computer provided her with a platform to be more creative.  


Sheryl at her work desk


Sheryl became a teenage mom and had to start her own graphic business, where she designed business cards and funeral programmes to support her new family.  

It wasn’t until college that she started to take graphic design more seriously. Sheryl is a self-taught designer; however, she expressed that she also learned a lot from a friend who was studying at Edna Manley College.  

Her love for designing has led her to complete Adobe courses and get certified among many short courses in graphic designing, animation, and photography.  

Before her appointment at Yello, Sheryl served as a Webmaster and Graphic Designer at the Bureau of Standards Jamaica for eight years, and as a Senior Graphic Artist at the Jamaica Observer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, majoring in Information Technology, and has plans to pursue her master’s in cyber security. 

She says she is content with her accomplishments as a professional, noting that she started as a supervisor at Yello in 2007 and now serves as the Regional Operations & Graphics Services Manager.  


Author | Ashagaye Mullings

Ashagaye is a Media Practitioner, who is competent in writing, content creation, and marketing. Check out her Instagram here.


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