Mustard Seed Communities Creates Patois Calendar 

Children of Mustard Seed Communities


“Yes yes neva carry man ova mountain”. 

This is a Jamaican saying that sheds light on the fact that mere words aren’t enough to help those in need. It is critical to provide practical solutions to individuals who could benefit from greater opportunities.  

Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) is a safe haven for society’s most vulnerable communities/individuals. This non-profit serves children and adults with disabilities, children affected by HIV, and young mothers across Jamaica. It offers hands-on assistance to disadvantaged groups and aims to aid in overcoming their mountain-like circumstances. MSC is committed to the fostering of homes and communities through the organisation of several community outreach programs that combat poverty and literacy issues locally. 


Candid moment at Mustard Seed.


MSC hosts fundraisers annually to mobilise resources, however, with the onset of the novel coronavirus these fundraising ventures were halted for over two years, which affected the support the organisation would normally receive. Prism Communications, one of MSC’s major partners, who has been offering their support for 15 years, firmly believes in giving back to society and as such they’ve partnered with MSC to roll out several campaigns geared to Mustard Seed’s goals in building communities. Prism took the initiative, which was sanctioned by Monsignor Ramkissoon, founder of MSC, to assist in creating a Jamaican keepsake calendar of Folk-lore and Proverbs to raise money. 

Calendar Preview

Patois has played a major role in promoting Jamaica’s culture on the global scale, and these patois branded 2022-2023 calendars will continue to spotlight and reignite Jamaica’s culture worldwide. 

The funds raised from these calendars will be used to finance the MSC homes and initiatives. 

Mrs- Beverly Hirst, Managing Director of Prism Communications, is hoping the sales of the calendars will be successful to address the pressing challenges at MSC.  


Yello Media Group, as part of our Local Love initiative, aims to highlight partners and organisations who are collaborating to positively impact and empower our local communities. 

To donate to Mustard Seed Communities and learn more about the calendar, please- visit www.Mustardseed.com 



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