Mastering Storytelling Through Content Creation 

As a little girl, Kristia Franklin had big dreams of becoming a lawyer, however, in grade six, she fell in love with the idea of business operation. 

After high school, she followed her heart and pursued a bachelor’s degree at The University of Technology, Jamaica in Entrepreneurship. 

Kristia can be described as a girl with a big personality, but she also sees herself as a “shy girl”. She mentioned that as a creative she must find an outlet to express herself. Kristia has always used her fashion sense as an outlet for creative expression.   

Kristia’s mom and aunt are the sources that drive her love for fashion.  Before she could afford clothes for herself, her mom and aunt would normally dress her in unique clothing which made her stand out as a child. When she started to shop for herself, she followed that same line of progression. 

“I don’t mind not looking like everybody else, I don’t mind if someone doesn’t like my outfit.” -Kristia 

Before Covid, Kristia was in the retail industry for a while but now she’s venturing into the creative industry as a fashion creator.  

She finds pleasure in learning new things, and as such she is always researching interesting ways to edit her content and learn from other creators, while mastering storytelling through content creation. 

Colorful photo moment with Kristia.

Her creative process 

When Kristia is about to create content, she normally starts planning a couple of days before. She would normally prepare her outfits from the previous night and wakes up early in the morning. 

One thing that stood out most is the fact that Kristia is a morning creator, and she doesn’t like to create content after 11am. Once it passes 11am, it’s a no for her. She prefers to shoot in the mornings when her brain is fresh, and her energy level is at its peak. 

Kristia shared that when an idea sparks, it’s difficult for her to get it off her mind until it’s executed.  

“The pro and cons of it is… you think about it so much that you think about everything that could happen and analyse how to execute the concept properly.” She shared.  

Being a great planner coupled with her disciplinary trait allows her to be proactive when filming. This allows her to eliminate errors and save time. 

One useful tip she shared is to shoot with the result in mind, as this decreases the chance of filming several times.  

Before Covid, Kristia had videographers and photographers who made content for her and figured out the execution. The tables turned when she started to create and edit on her own. She expressed that it was a struggle at first, however she watched several videos to learn different editing styles and downloaded and tested several editing apps.  

Kristia is imploring creators to be patient with themselves, and their work doesn’t have to be perfect. Once the creator is committing the time, working consistently, and constantly researching ways to make their content stand out they will do great.  

In a conversation with Kristia, she explained the meaning behind her Instagram name ‘myrepeatoffender’. This was about repeating her clothes while attending university and showing people how they can repeat theirs. She added that during her university years she was on a budget and didn’t shop for clothes frequently. 

After exploring the fashion industry, Kristia felt like it was time to start another business. She thought of real estate. She came together with her family, and they decided to build a property for Airbnb rentals. After successfully operating one, they built another. [Citycabin_876] 

She also has an interest in decorating which is evident based on the aesthetics of the cabins. 

Living room area of the cabin.

What’s next? 

Kristia and her family have plans for rebuilding a boutique hotel at a 17th-century Spanish fort. This facility is currently under renovation and can be found at Robins Bay, St. Mary. The boutique hotel will be a perfect rustic getaway and staycation spot. [oldspanish_fort]


Kristia chilling at the fort.

Kristia believes everything you do can be content once it’s packaged well, so she takes her camera and tripod to document the business aspects of her life.  

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Author | Ashagaye Mullings

Ashagaye is a Media Practitioner, who is competent in writing, content creation, and marketing. Check out her Instagram here.



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