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St. Thomas is one of the oldest parishes in Jamaica, bordered by St. Andrew to the west and Portland to the north. Although it’s not the most popular destination for tourists or locals alike, it has much more to offer than most may think. It possesses a variety of memorable locations with historical and cultural significance. With so many special attractions and hidden gems, we’ve teamed up with Yello Creator Cesar Buelto to capture a glimpse of St. Thomas’ vast beauty.


Reggae Falls

The abandoned hydroelectric facility is nicknamed ‘damhead’, and was reportedly known as dam falls before the Reggae Boyz national football team qualified for the World Cup in 1998. An 18-metre-high dam was built here in the 1920s to supply water to the community, and still possesses remnant structures of the former plant.


Morant Point Lighthouse

Morant Point Lighthouse, built in 1841, is listed by the Jamaican Heritage Trust as a National Monument. It is the oldest lighthouse on the island. Built of cast iron tube, cast in London, it is 100 feet tall.

It is located at the most easterly point of the island. The labour used in erecting the lighthouse was supplied by kru-men from Africa. They were among the free Africans who were brought to Jamaica.


Stokes Hall Great House

Stokes Hall Great House, located in the parish of St. Thomas, was built by Luke Stoke. The former governor of the island of Nevis, came to Jamaica shortly after the conquest of the island by the British.

Like many of the early houses, it was built in a strategic location and was securely fortified. In 1907 it was destroyed by an earthquake and it now stands in ruin.


Bath Mineral Hot Springs

The mineral spa or spring at Bath in the parish of St. Thomas was discovered by a run-a-way slave in the 1690s.

The spring is rich in sulphur and lime and is believed to be very good for the treatment of rheumatic ailments and skin diseases. Experience a massage with sulfur, pimento oil and healing herbs in the spring and wash away your worries with the warm waters from the earth.


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Lyssons Beach

It is located just a stone’s throw from Morant Bay. The public beach is accessed directly from the Lyssons to Prospect Main road and is easily accessible.
The beach is approximately 323 metres in length with brown fine grain sand. The swim area is shallow and provides a good area for wading. The only charge while visiting is parking $300 JMD.


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Di Deck

Di Deck is a local restaurant specializing in Jamaican Cuisine and a few other tantalizing meals. The restaurant is located in Morant Bay just a few minutes away from Lyssons Beach.
A great stop to have a quick bite before or after a good par. Also, we recommend you definitely try their signature cocktail mixes while there!


Cesar Buelto

Cesar is a content creator, photographer, filmmaker, as well as co-founder & creative director of Alt. Check out his Instagram here.

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