Collaborating on world-class content w/ Davida-Mae Chambers

What’s your advice to any woman that is interested in tapping into your industry? 

“Nuh watch nuh faceee! You have your skills, you’re great, dare I say amazing, at what you do and bring to the table. Continue working working working, honing those skills, making connections and it will work out. ” – Davida-Mae Chambers


With a B.A. in Integrated Media and Communications from the University of the West Indies, Davida-Mae has secured a strong wealth of experience in the content production, project management and public relations industries.

Currently, Davida is also a Music Video Producer who operates ‘Vida Communications’. She partners with popular young filmmakers with a collab roster that includes artists such as Kranium, Charly Black, Kabaka Pyramid, Skillibeng, Blvk H3ro, Govana, Jada Kingdom and more. Noteworthily, too, she is the INDIGGO Conference’s Programme Manager.

She has also worked in corporate, spearheading diverse projects like the Jamaica Moves national health campaign, the social media pages for the Ministry of Health & Wellness and the nation’s COVID-19 response campaigns. Davida has also been at the helm of Real RAW – a women’s rights and advocacy campaign, launched in 2019.


What industry are you a part of and would you say it is women inclusive? 

I would say I fall under the Creative Arts & Media and they’re both women inclusive but it can also be limited. Meaning, you’ll find that certain roles within the industry are more male-dominated but the industry itself does include a mix.  


What inspired you to start your business? 

Myself, lol. After a while, I realised that what I loved and liked to do, could also become an income for me. Coupled with that, others started to encourage and bring me on to projects that I really aced. So, all of this together was the push and inspiration that I needed to believe in myself and start channelling all my energy.  


What action, if any, is needed to level the playing field in your industry? 

Honestly, I think just more chances. We’re quick to give men an opportunity to shine, or even a second opportunity, but the same isn’t always applied to women.  


How do you #BreaktheBias? 

By supporting the projects of my fellow women; By working with women and highlighting women empowerment. Three years ago, I also helped to curate REAL R.A.W., a social impact campaign focused on woman’s rights and advocacy. I will definitely continue to push this to help Break the Bias.  


How can one show support for women? 

Support can be as simple as reaching out or extending a helping hand. For example, support for women can/should also come from women ourselves. So, women collaborating and partnering with other women is also ideal when it comes to showing support.


What are some gender biases – both conscious and unconscious – that you would say are engrained in Jamaican society & culture? 

Definitely that women are too emotional to be leaders. We (women) definitely should be able to express any kind of emotion without being belittled or labelled.  


To find out more about Vida Communications follow them on Instagram @_vidacommunications. 

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