Gabby The Triple Threat

Foreseeing herself as a successful woman in all aspects of life, Gabrielle Waite finds inspiration each day to build and create the woman she envisions. 

Gabby can be described as a triple threat: makeup artist (MUA), entrepreneur, and marketer. Having the ability to do all three certainly gives her a leg up in these highly competitive times. 

Since university, she has been beautifully crafting the career and lifestyle she truly desires by staying focused and on top of her academics.  

While wrapping up her studies at the University of the West Indies, she completed a double major in Banking & Finance and Marketing while managing to birth three companies, Gabby GLAM Co, Carnival GLAM Hub & GLAMCON. 


Gabby showing off a lippie from her cosmetic line.


Gabby’s love for “all things glam”, particularly makeup artistry, stemmed from her mom who was also an MUA. Observing her mom working as a little girl, triggered the thought of how she could use makeup artistry as an avenue to help women build confidence and to look and feel their absolute best. 

Gabby always had the dream to work as a “corporate girl” in finance and serve as a CEO of a corporate company, however, this idea faded when she started her first business, Gabby Glam Co. She highlighted that this is the umbrella and foundation for all her brands. 

“It was my very first business venture that I treasure the most.” Gabby shared. 

Gabby Glam Co is a team of makeup artists providing soft glam makeup services for a GLAM Girl’s special occasion. Since 2017, Gabby Glam has been the go-to company for soft, effortless looks. Offering this service exposed her to clients who shared their admiration for soft glam looks but felt intimidated by the GLAM process and did not have enough time to do it independently. 

For this reason, the Gabby Glam brand expanded into launching products that would allow women to achieve a soft glam look; one that’s easy to use and practical for the on-the-go woman. 

After getting the hang of the entrepreneurship world, Gabby decided to start a second business dubbed “Carnival GLAM Hub”  

This GLAM Hub focuses solely on carnival makeup while creating an experience for girls who wish to get their makeup done for carnival. Carnival GLAM Hub was curated to provide a premium one-stop shop experience offering makeup, hair, breakfast, photoshoot, and shuttle services for women. The service is offered across several carnival territories, including- Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Miami, and St. Lucia.  

Gabby’s goal as an MUA was to create a cosmetic line. Today she is the proud owner of Gabby Glam Cosmetics. The cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic line currently has two lip collections: a gloss, and a liquid matte. Gabby Glam Cosmetics is growing both locally and internationally and is gradually coming out with more products each year. These lippies are available locally in Fontana Waterloo and Barbican, Mirror Mirror Beauty Supplies, Kerry Man and Woman Home, on Amazon, and in the Cayman Islands. She is currently working on a new collection which will be launched later this year.  

Gabby’s love for beauty coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit also led her to host a networking event called “GLAMCON”.  

She explained, “This is where we celebrate the world of beauty and allow business owners in the beauty industry and lovers of beauty to connect, grow, and network.”  

To create a balance and avoid burnout, Gabby believes in taking a break to reset. She is encouraging entrepreneurs to find the right people whom they can trust when the workload gets heavy. 

Whenever Gabby is taking a break from the world of business, she enjoys taking herself on lunch and dinner dates, going to the beach or river, and spending time with friends and family. 


A candid moment with Gabby at the beach.


For the new year, she is planning the rebranding of GLAMCON and is excited to announce that Carnival GLAM Hub is looking to be in three more territories for carnival next year. 

To keep up with Gabby, follow her on all socials (linked below). 


Author | Ashagaye Mullings

Ashagaye is a Media Practitioner, who is competent in writing, content creation, and marketing. Check out her Instagram here.


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